Smart Technology Can Solve Your Skilled Workforce Shortage

Smart Technology Can Solve Your Skilled Workforce Shortage

With a job market near peak employment, how do manufacturer’s find the workforce they need to meet the demands a robust economy places on their ability to meet production goals? When everybody must fight over the available skilled workers, how can a business make do when there’s so little to go around?

Technology is evolving at an unprecedented pace and there simply exists too little time to keep up with everything that the present and future of smart manufacturing promises to offer the industry. To satisfy the need for a more skilled workforce, manufacturers will need to find a better solution to fill critical roles on their team. Rohner Heated Makeup Air Units are one example of the type of technology that increases throughput of your paint booth enabling one employee to produce more product in less time.. By developing solutions that enable manufacturers to function while operating under workforce constraints, Rohner helps our customers stay competitive under even the most challenging of circumstances.


 Increasing productivity in the manufacturing sector is the key to survival. Rohner uses every opportunity to increase productivity throughput in its booths. For example, adding a Rohner heated air make-up unit with bake cycle decreases cycle time and increases throughout, allowing one employee to do the job usually associated with multiple shifts

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